Beneficial Vision
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Beneficial Vision

Smart contact lenses with
- Improved Reality 
- Augmented Reality
- Virtual Reality
“The true promise of our product is not just entertainment, but real technology that will be integrated in everyday life”
“Contact lenses with built-in Augmented Reality allow people to be present in the world and actively develop it, as well as perceive the world in a technologically advanced mode, improving the way of understanding reality”.
 Dzmitry Mikhnavets
Our technology is a bold step to the future. The future begins today with“Beneficial Vision” lenses.
The human eye is a perceptual powerhouse. It receives and converts millions of colors, it easily adjusts to shifting conditions of light, it also  transmits information to the brain at a speed of a lightning. So, we’ve decided to add some outstanding features to get more from life and reality.

- artificial multilayer crystalline lens,

- micro laser projectors,

- micro antenna,

- micro circuits,

- power elements (battery) with wireless charger,

- vision correction functional (diapason: +8D −8D),

- know-how technology

 Real view
Almost invisible
Project “Beneficial Vision” is aimed to serve humankind and to make our life easier through support and entertainment, through solving complicated problems and fulfilling routine everyday tusks.

It’s the 21st Century, Technology grows and spreads fast and most people may miss a grip on it.Our team has created a lens that will assist everyone who uses it to perceive the world in absolutily new and outstanding way. Fortunately, almost everyone may stand a chance to use our technology improve his experience and perception of reality.

It can be used in:

- entertainment industry

- education industry

- personal security

- film production

- medical industry

- law enforcement industry

- aerospace industry

- etc.

Game industry
Every time someone wears contact lens wit VR/AR/IR, it assists in competition events: tips will pop up in front of your eyes. Every team member can share the screen view with wearer, etc.
Medical indusrty
Data of vital importance can be displayed on the lens. There is even no need to turn the heard toward the monitor - all data will be on the lens, etc.
Law enforcement
Data could be superimposed on visual field to give the description of a scene of a crime or a suspect, etc.
How it works
Visual information from the laptop, tablet, smartphone or other compatible device is transformed to the portable transmitter and then to the transmitter in the lens. Microchip that built-in the lens, process the information and send it to microlasers projectors built-in lens. Microlasers project the image on the artificial multilayer crystalline lens that is built-in in the bottom of the contact lens. That is how the image appears in front of the eye.

The image is positioned on the left side of the left lens and on the right side of the right lens respectively. It prevents the user from crashing into real objects. Pro-user can position the picture on any location of the field of vision.

When the user wants to concentrate his/her attention on the AR object, text or video, he/she needs to stop moving the head and move the eye into the direction of the image (whether it is the image on the left or on the right). The sensors in the earphones read the data from the positioning sensors in lenses and hold the images. The user easily can see/read information because it is static in the space. Right after the user moves his head, the picture will be positioned on the side of the lens. When the user wants to zoom the picture he/she needs to make a double nod. Double nod-up will return the picture to original size. Conventional contact lenses are polymers formed in specific shapes to correct faulty vision. To turn such a lens into a functional system, we’ve integrated miniature antennas, array microlasers, micro communication circuits, micro control circuits into the lens using custom-built optoelectronic components. Those components include microlaser projectors that transmit visual data on an artificial multilayer crystalline lens, that will form images in front of the eye, such as words, charts, schemes, photographs, 3D objects, and video. Much of the hardware is semitransparent. So, users can navigate their surroundings without crashing into real objects or becoming disoriented.
contact lens (2 pieces) (A)
receiver transmitter (B) 
wireless stand-charger  (C)
wireless earphones (2) with position sensors (D)
Additional Accessories:
frame with wireless charger (E)
wireless rings (2 pieces) input & control functional (F)
Outstanding Features:
- IR (improved reality)(1)
- AR (augmented reality)(2)
- VR (virtual reality)(3)
1. IR (improved reality) refers to a real world that includes improved, enhanced and digitally created features for a particular occasion (i.e. a medical act), would offer an advantage). Peripheral images on the lenses are not readable due to focus in the center of the lens. There are sensors to track eyes and head movements. Sensors are built-in earphones. Pictures will be displayed in the right/left sides of lenses respectively, for example, when you want to read the text or watch the video, you only need to move your eyes not the head. If you move together head and eyes, the image will be still in the peripheral field of vision.

2. AR (augmented reality) brings components of the digital world into a person's perception of the real world, and does so not as a simple display of data, but through the integration of immersive sensations that are perceived as natural parts of an environment.

3. There is “VR Mode” when both lenses become opaque and superimposed on visual field image/video replace the real- world image of both eyes. VR completely replaces the user's real- world environment. Left and Right eyes will have “Stereo Mode” when different images are projected on the crystalline lenses, unless you choose the option “Mono Mode” when both eyes see the same image/video.

Some facts:
- Excellent Improved vision
- Short adaptation period
- Comfortable to wear
- Correct vision problems (-8D +8D)
- Easy to put on and care for
- Simplified cleaning and disinfection
- Made of biocompatible nanopolymer BV1*
- Lessened risk of eye infection if wearing instructions are followed
- Allow a natural field of view, have no frames to obstruct your vision and greatly reduce distortions
- Excellent for sports and other physical activities
*description and more info will be available after March 15, 2019
Care and Exchange Program
All “Beneficial Vision” products comes with a 12 months limited warranty and up to 180 days of complimentary telephone technical support. To extend your coverage further, purchase the “Care and Exchange program”.
We offer you one-stop service and support from “Beneficial Vision” Team experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.
“Care and Exchange program” gives you protection up to three incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $69.99 service fee, plus applicable tax. We offer:
- 24/7 priority access to “Beneficial Vision” experts via chat or phone
- Global repair coverage
- Mail-in repair: Mail in your “Beneficial Vision” product(s) using a prepaid shipping box provided by our Team.

“Beneficial Vision” lenses should be changed every 12 months. We are happy to suggest our first customers “ Extended Care and Exchange program”. Will get extra 12 months warranty. We also provide free expedited shipping service and 0$ service fee. It will take us 48-96 hours to replace old soft contact lenses and install back hardware.
Designed to be reality

We’ve already created a future in which the humble contact lens becomes a real platform. And it is really so. “Beneficial Vision” is open platform and we will welcome developers to add features or functionality that we have not completed or have not conceived of. We will notify when the product is available to the public.
Developers are welcomed to leave request for getting early access to our technology. 
All potential customers are welcome to provide us with their contact lenses prescription information.
Additional announcements and notifications will be published on our website in “Announcements” section. 

How to choose lenses*:
“Beneficial Vision” IR/AR/VR/ Contact lenses have the same standards and rules of evaluation and fitting as regular contact lenses
Keeping it from moving around
We’ve solved it!
The difficulty in putting an image on the eye, was keeping it from moving around relative to the pupil. Normal contact lenses that correct for astigmatism are weighted on the bottom to maintain a specific orientation, give or take a few degrees (unless the wearers blinked too often). Now they may! Our technology of 4 micro laser projectors with numerous micro lasers in it, solved the issue: the beams from a red, a green, and a blue laser generate an image on the multilayer artificial crystalline lens. The resolution of the image is limited only by the narrowness of the beams, and the lasers are extremely small. Using lasers ensure that the image is in focus at all times and eliminate the need for multi microlenses technology, so we use only one artificial multilayer crystaline lens.
About Us
Started in 2016, our company has expanded from being a web design company to a full-fledged technology venture dealing with IR/AR/VR functional, IoT, AI and other emerging technologies. We’ve started as a team of 6 enthusiasts with close ties to IT industry. We’ve created “Beneficial Vision” project - a unique lens with AR functional. Core of our team consist of: 3 software developers, 1 micro engineer, 1 micro biologist, manager/marketer, 1 web developer. All together we are “Beneficial Vision” team. We are experienced. We are unique. We are genuine. We sincerely care about each and every customer, their challenges, their issues and their triumphs.
Our slogan
“We create to improve the reality”
Our mission
What immediately sets “Beneficial Vision” apart, lies in the very nature of our mission:

- to work hard with dedication and commitment for every project,
- to fan the flames of inspiration,
- to deliver stellar products and services, and most importantly
- to be honest from the very beginning to the very end - to be oneness with Nature
Our goal
is to connect IR/VR/AR world and reality. That is why we have created technology that will serve for the benefits of humankind.
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